Jeffrey W. Bennett is an accomplished author and columnist with articles appearing in Military Lifestyle, On Mission, The Church Leader, NCMS Bulletin, Security Management and many, many other magazines and publications. His full time job is implementing programs to protect national security. Jeff is currently working on several books and novels including the upcoming medical thriller, Not for the Faint of Heart.  He is also fulfilling a contract for a new book called, "Providing the Security of Classified Information and Contracts" due in July 09. His blogs include DoD Security, Christian Novel and New Dad.


Jeff is also former Army officer who has been stationed around the world with Military Intelligence and Logistics assignments and has met many peoples of various customs, celebrity and influence.  He speaks three languages and holds a Masters Degree in Acquisitions and Procurement Management from Webster University and  an MBA from Columbia College.  His experiences have involved adventure training, recruiting, world travel, diving, and flying.  He has spoken on many motivational topics to major civic organizations, church groups, college and high school campuses .   


Jeff knows now that integrity, personal courage and selflessness  are the traits of real heroes. These are also what the characters learn about themselves and struggle through as their stories unfold under Jeff's pen.


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